A Christian Response

A Christian Response

All forms of contraception, including sterilisation, are totally against the word of God. He tells us to “Go forth and multiply”. Christians need to get back to trusting in the Lord and repent of their use of contraceptives over the years. This is a spiritual battle where Christians have been deceived over the years into destroying children whom the Lord would bless us with and have us love and cherish. Molech is the god of child sacrifice. Unless Christians of all denominations acknowledge this then there cannot be agreement in how we would see sex education being taught in schools.

Prayerfully reading ‘The Bible and Birth Control’ will mean radical thinking and a radical change of heart and action – but then we have a God who was radical when He walked this earth.

Bible and Birth Control Book Front Cover The book, by Charles D Provan, was originally published by Zimmer Printing, 410 West Main Street, Monongahela, Pennsylvania 15063, USA.  Unfortunately there is no ISBN number in the book.

It can be obtained online.

It is also available free online in five parts to hear or download in MP3 format.

On the back cover of the book are some questions:

  1. What Church Synod issued a Bible commentary which stated that contraception was the same as abortion?
  2. What theologian declared in the 1500’s that birth control was the murder of future persons?
  3. What priest in the 1700’s declared that taking “preventative measures” was unnatural and would destroy the souls of those who practiced it?
  4. Who declared that birth control was sodomy?
  5. What church group ruled in the 1600’s that a church official found guilty of birth control was no longer allowed to hold his position?
  6. What well known theologian said, “We do not believe in what is termed ‘birth control'”?

The cover than states that if you think that the above statements were made by Roman Catholics, then your quiz score is “Zero”.

The answers are:

  1. The Synod of Dort
  2. John Calvin
  3. John Wesley
  4. Martin Luther
  5. The Pilgrims
  6. Arthur Pink

The cover continues: “If you are shocked, that really is not too surprising, because Protestant opposition to birth control has largely been forgotten in our decadent Twentieth Century. If you want to know what the Reformers and their heirs thought about this important subject, we certainly hope that you’ll get this book!”

Sadly, in this twenty first century the questions are interesting but many Christians today will probably not be shocked, as suggested by the comment following the questions, as we just do not know the history of our own Church. People nowadays join the Church and basically expect to bring ‘the ways of the world’ in with them.

To be able to teach ‘Christian Sex Education’ there is a need to return to our Christian roots. Before we go into schools we need to be clear of our own foundations. This does not mean we should all become Roman Catholic or any other denomination. But we do need to agree that sexual exploitation, abortion, contraception, eugenics, evolution, genetic engineering etc are all man’s ideas and are demonically based.

Further Information

The following link will really surprise you on how many resources there are available to show that contraception is not acceptable to Christians(or anyone else for that matter.
The Bible and Birth Control – Free Reformation Resources

The Challenge

The challenge before us is vast. We are not just coming against immoral sex education in schools. We are coming against a decadent society that has turned so far from the Lord that they openly call evil good and good evil. Our voices need not only be as one, but they must be loud. We must stop apologising for who we are. Jesus was not politically correct – nor must we be. Jesus is the only one who offers us salvation and forgiveness of sins. This must be uppermost in all we teach, whether it be to Christians or non-Christian, young or old.

Violence, sex and filthy language are sadly all part and parcel of our current culture. This all links in with what we are trying to stand against. We have only ourselves to blame. We have not spoken out strongly or loudly enough in the past. Our Christian message has become diluted to the point of only offering a ‘feel good’ factor – no different from what the world offers.

All we seek to achieve must be under-girded by prayer, preferably organised nationally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Life is the fundamental issue. Christians of all denominations need to be taught the truth en-mass. The world has led us down a blind alley that it cannot get out of. We know who the light of the world is and we must proclaim Him from the housetops.

There is no other name but Jesus to whom we bow and must all one day give account.