This is dedicated to Carol Provan, wife of Charles D Provan, the author of Bible and Birth Control. Charles Provan died on 11 December 2007, but his book lives on, changing lives as it proclaims the classic Christian (Protestant) truth of Birth Control. We thank the Lord for this ‘lone voice in the wilderness’ who was faithful in his beliefs that children are a blessing from the Lord.


May Blossom Ministries are grateful to Tobias Provan, son of Charles and Carol, for giving us permission to re-produce the book Bible and Birth Control in its entirety. This we have faithfully done with no changes. The book was originally written in 1989 and was aimed at American Christians. The content of the book is still relevant nowadays, but should be read by Christians worldwide to understand that this is not just a Roman Catholic issue. It should also be read by anyone interested in what the Bible actually does say about Birth Control, or as more commonly called, contraception.

Our prayer is that you ‘may blossom’ further into the person the Lord designed you to be as you read this book.