A Birth Control Quiz

  1. What Church Synod issued a Bible commentary which stated that contraception was the same as abortion?
  2. What theologian declared in the 1500’s that birth control was the murder of future persons?
  3. What priest in the 1700’s declared that taking “preventative measures” was unnatural and would destroy the souls of those who practiced it?
  4. Who declared that birth control was sodomy?
  5. What church group ruled in the 1600’s that a church official found guilty of birth control was no longer allowed to hold his position?
  6. What well known theologian said, “We do not believe in what is termed ‘birth control'”?

If you think that the above statements were made by Roman Catholics, then your quiz score is “Zero”.

The answers are:

  1. The Synod of Dort
  2. John Calvin
  3. John Wesley
  4. Martin Luther
  5. The Pilgrims
  6. Arthur W. Pink

If you are shocked, that really is not too surprising, because Protestant opposition to birth control has largely been forgotten in our decadent Twentieth Century. If you want to know about Biblical principles which oppose contraception, or wish to know what the Reformers and their heirs thought about this important subject, we certainly hope that you will get this book!

“A most interesting and thoughtful work on a much neglected theme…..”

John H. Gerstner